** I met Mrs Puneet four years back. I’ve been constantly inspired by her psychic powers and healing therapy. Her predictions turn out to be quite true and she has the ability to solve problems with the help of her vast knowledge in astrology, Vastu Shastra as well as reiki. I thank her for all her guidance to me and my family and wish her all the very best in her future endeavours. God Bless!

-- Brig S K Grover May 14, 2016

** Puneet Auntie has been a pillar of support with her healing and advice in taking professional and health related decisions. I am touched by her kindness , her selfless support and am grateful for her guidance. The ease with which she makes an individual comfortable and how she is approachable to discuss issues in different aspects is so admirable. All, in all a big THANK YOU for your help in improving my health and so many other aspects in my life.

-- Shriyukta May 14, 2016

** Very recently came in contact with Madam Puneet. The recommendations given by her have been found to be very valuable. I wish her all the best in future also for her selfless service and very near accurate predictions.

-- Col. Ravi Ghodake May 14, 2016

** I hope you will give more good results in future and people will gets benifits from your sugesstions. Keep it up. Wish you very happy and prospereous life

-- Anoop DHOHA-QATAR May 14, 2016

** Its really good to see u sharing ur views ur experience n the positive vibes (u exude too) with all of us. This will surely enlighten the pepole who will be going through the article as most of us are unable to come in contact with u personaly n get a chance to spent some material time with u n get benefited. I just wanna add that whenever i talk to u n discuss i feel reenergised n a positive attitude to start a frest to face n tacle the difficulties. Hope we will get the previlage of sharing ur vies n energies in future too.

-- Sugandh Aggarwal May 14, 2016

** I have never been able to understand Puneet…MYSTICAL is the word perhaps..she is a rare combination of great intelligence and innocence…its a well known saying…knowledge corrupts the innocent…but here is one piece of example where child like innocence coexists with super natural intelligence…she is so accurate in her predictions about me that my faith in her is reinforced by everyday..she unlike other astrologers reassures you and makes you see bigger picture of adversity of your life, which only a philosopher guide can do. Her Healing powers and supernatural visions are amazing…she is very giving and selfless..It is such a pleasure to know you.

-- Mamta Chadha May 14, 2016

** I know puneet mam more as a friend then astrologer. It’s not been long since i know her, but she has a god gifted quality to attract persons with her charming smile. I feel great to be in her friend’s list. However i personally haven’t sought her astrological advises and predictions very much may be because of our busy schedules or whatever but i have surely witnessed the belief and confidance people have in her, and itself shows the qualities she possesses. May God keep blessing us through her unique abilities.

-- Vibhor Astavekra (ADC to Governer HP) May 14, 2016

** Puneetaunty has been a guiding force in my life since 9-10 years. She has supported me and my family not only from the astrologoical point of view but also as friend. Her mere presence makes us strong enough to face the most difficult times. We will be ever indebted to her. God bless.

-- Dr. Priyanka Banerjee May 14, 2016

** Soft spoken, pleasant smile and looks as if eyes are drawing you towards her, so comforting and reassuring in her utterances that it instills great confidence to face the situation which had till now been disturbing. I have been in her association and relied upon her for solutions to my problems which at times have been unforeseen, emerging without cause/reasons from unknown quarters. Her analysis has always been so lucid and predictions so accurate that one needs to experience to believe it. What is most important is that she also provides you with remedies and her remedies are effective and with guaranteed results; at the same time very easy, simple, practical and most economical to follow.

-- Anup K Srivastava (Director {Personnel} Air India) May 14, 2016

** I know her personally from many years,being friend of my wife. A wonderfull soul on this earth.Charming person.We need such souls around us which can heel the needy souls with love

-- Ajay Verma May 14, 2016

** Congrats! Puneet Ji, The write-up has come up very nicely. I am very happy that you are doing very good and becoming popular day by day. May! God bless you.

-- Raj K Bhardwaj May 13, 2016

** Mrs.Puneet is guiding us since long and has helped us in various ways be it personal or professional. She is soft spoken, polite, hard working, humble and clear hearted. She is an amazing astrologer, good teacher, and guide and care taker for me. I was suffering from cervical since last two years, but her kind suggestion helped me out in recovering from this ailment.Her remedies are very easy to follow and at the same time very simple and economical. Being involved in so many activities, she never forgot her family responsibilities. She is a perfect wife and mother and what can I say, she is the source of inspiration to us. We are thankful to God that we have such a nice person in our life.She more as a friend than an advisor. We really thank you for all your kind efforts for making our life best.God always bless you.

-- Cheena and Amit May 13, 2016

** I was introduced to Puneet by another senior army officer who had great faith in her. Puneet has made amazing predictions for me and my family. I suffered from bad knees and was on the verge of an operation.But she helped me get over the problem.She is a talented urdu poet and has written many books.She is a valuable friend and asset to our family.

-- Brig. D K Uberoy May 13, 2016

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