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Vastu Shastra:


The Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural doctrine of India to design spaces that promote health, prosperity and alertness of its residents. It is written as a guide and is based on the concept of vastu, which in Sanskrit means “dwell”. Thus, it can be said that it is “the doctrine of living” a place in the best possible way, according to the Vedic principles of harmony.


What is the science of Vastu sahstra?


The ancient science of Vastu shastra is related to the search for balance between the elements of the universe and space in which we live. External energy such as electricity, electrical appliances and computers, drains and streams interact with the energy of people and with those generated in space for its architectural form, building materials and their spatial location. Vastu shastra seeks to harmonize people with the living space to achieve balance.
In India, this science is considered the mother of architecture and is generating a lot of interest in the Western world.
The world is composed of five basic elements all essential known as Panchabhootas and these are:
(1) Aakasha-Space, (2) Vayu-the Air, (3) Agni-Fire, (4) Water-Jala and (5) Bhumi-the Earth.
All creatures on earth including buildings are physically constructed with these elements, and without them there would be no life on Earth. The interaction and interdependence of these forces that are sometimes contradictory and repellents including invincible and operation of these are beyond the ability of man manipulative natures.






It is common knowledge that the direction from which the sun rises is in the east (Poorva) and where opposes is the West (Paschima) and if one looks at this address where pointing our left hand is the North (Uttara) and right hand the South (Dakshina).
The importance of the cardinal points as mentioned in the scriptures:
* The East direction: It must not be blocked because it is the source of birth of sons.
* The South East direction is the fountain of Health (related to fire, cooking and food.
* The South direction is the fountain of wealth, crops and happiness.
* The South West direction: It is the source of the character, behavior, longevity and causes death.
* West: Source of name, fame and prosperity.